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Repackaging good quality wine to be safely taken ANYWHERE ANYTIME as well as giving thought to the environmental impact of our consumer consumption are two of the main missions here at Outsider Cellars. 

Our bottles are BPA free and are made from Polyethylene Terephalate - PET - which is the most recyclable plastic material and has a recycling code of 1. We not only want our bottle's to be recycled, we encourage them to be reused for any and all wines to be taken on your next outing. Let's be honest, your not gonna compromise your other favorite wine by opening it and transferring it into our bottle before heading out. You are however going to not only be compromising but also endangering your wine by dropping it in it's glass bottle as you are out and about on your adventures. Safety and sanity first people!  

We have gone to great lengths and willingly paid more to have Outsider produced here in California. Wine, bottle and packaging is all done in state. Our plastic screw cap had to be sourced from France but we feel it was worth it as it keeps our bottle recyclable. Metal screw caps on both plastic as well as glass prevent bottles from being recycled.

Weight Consideration: 

• Average glass bottle of wine - 2.75lbs

• Bottle of Outsider - 1.75lbs

• Average case of wine - 35lbs

• Case of Outsider - 22lbs

Carbon footprint numbers of our bottles:

• 52% Less greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

• 53% Less Air Pollution

• 77% Less Water Consumption

We take responsibility and give back to our planet. 1% For The Planet is an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. Outsider Cellars is proud to be a business member.

Please visit their website at: to learn more.

Better yet, become a member!

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